Download pc game : Cricket

Right Click, on these 4 Download files and select : 'Save Target as' See graphic on right -->

After they have all downloaded into a folder of your choosing, on your PC, activate (ie double click) setup.exe and follow those instructions.

1) Cricke1.CAB (2.7 mb)
3) Setup.LST (0.006 mb)
4) Setup.EXE (0.14 mb)
Do not change the setup folder

The setup must install into c:\random-cricket
Screen must be set to 1024x768 pixels
For Instructions on how to play Critical Cricket, visit

Download pc game : Cricket
Download pc game : Cricket

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Gambling is not a good idea.

All bets are limited to 200 rupee.
Better to bat than to bet.

Under no circumstance feel
obliged to pay a bet of more than
200 rupee on any game
of Critical Cricket!
By Order of the Umpire!

Download-pc-game : Cricket